Background of KELPHIL Establishment  
   High Potential  
Philippines, with over 80 million population known for their excellent hospitality, also enjoys high reputation with its abundance of well educated, English speaking and diligent workforce. However, Filipinos' high potential has not been fully explored and utilized due to historical, social and political challenges which has been keeping the country's economy from successfully taking off. KELPHIL saw great opportunity in taking full advantage of untapped human resources in the Philippines.
   Abundant Business Experience  
Over the past 40 years, JFE Steel Group, the parent company of KELPHIL, has been operating variety of businesses in the Philippines having importing and pre-processing of iron ore as its core. We have built our track record, overcoming numerous challenges, both political and economic, the country has suffered over the years. What we have established today are strong network in Philippines' business community, government and academe as well as organizational excellence in business and risk management.
   Advancement of IT  
Physical transportation of human and other resources are constrained by geographical distance, time, cost and immigration control regulations. On the other hand, advancement of information technology, most significantly broadband internet made it possible to electronically transmit information in greater volume, with less cost, at faster speed anytime across countries. KELPHIL fully embraces the benefits of advanced IT in every aspect of business and collaboration.
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